Call Centre Workers

When speaking to workers in call centres, we’re frequently informed of the same issues: long hours; relentless targets; low pay; and bullying management. During the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve also been hearing a worrying number of reports about call centres not operating in a Covid-safe way, putting the health and wellbeing of call centre workers at risk.

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What is a trade union?

A trade union is an organisation made up of workers who come together to support one another and collectively call for change in their workplace. There are many trade unions across the U.K. representing workers in many different sectors and industries. Here at the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) we help workers organise across the postal, telecommunications, technology and digital sectors, many of whom work in call centres. We are a campaigning union and work hard to get our voice – our members voice – heard on a variety of issues such as fair pay, pensions, just terms and conditions, health and safety, flexible working and equal opportunities. Our primary objective is to protect and advance the interests of our members in their workplace. Trade unions are independent of any employer and solely funded by the membership.

Why should I join the CWU?

One of the main aims of a trade union is to negotiate with employers about matters affecting their members;  which is why union members are statistically more likely to have a secure job with more paid holiday than the national average and more control over their working hours, as well as better sickness, pension, maternity and paternity benefits. Workers in unionised workplaces get paid around 6.5% more than workers in similar non-unionised workplaces. Being a member of the CWU gives you access to legal advice on employment matters and representation at disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings and employment tribunals; restricting management from taking arbitrary action against any individual and fostering an environment where members feel more confident to voice concerns about issues in the workplace without fear of retaliation.

We know that we can achieve more together than we can alone. By joining a trade union, you are helping to grow a movement that promotes the values of solidarity, equality, and dignity at work.

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