“Tremendous” BT Disruption Looms As Workers Begin Ballot


*EMBARGOED UNTIL 00.00 16/06/2022*


BT Group faces “tremendous disruption” – and its first national strike in 35 years – as their employees hit by the cost-of-living crisis have begun to vote for strike action.

Ballots for strike action have been sent out today (15th June) to members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), the union for telecoms workers.

The dispute is related to the rejection of BT workers at management’s attempt at imposing an incredibly low flat rate pay rise.

This was despite the company making £1.3 billion in annual profit, and with inflation rates predicted to rise to over 11.1% by the end of the year.

It is expected that a result will be announced before the month’s end.

CWU Deputy General Secretary Andy Kerr said: “Today has seen the beginning of a fight for pay dignity.

“As ballots begin dropping through the doors of CWU members, thousands will be thinking of the soaring cost of living, and the insulting treatment they’ve received at the hands of employers.

“While BT Group created even better profits than was expected, many workers who made that profit rely on food banks and don’t know how they will pay their bills.

“The people at the top of BT should be thinking about that as they count their money.

“These key worker heroes are more than owed a proper pay increase – and if they aren’t going to be given it, they’re not afraid to fight for what they deserve.”

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward added: “During the pandemic, this set of workers went above and beyond to keep our country going.

“Now, as inflation soars and the bills spiral out of control, the people who generated unexpected profits for BT Group are being hung out to dry.

“This dispute is simply not about BT Group being unable to afford real pay – this is about management holding back from helping out.

“If BT Group want to avoid tremendous disruption this summer, they need to pursue a path that involves treating their workers with real respect.”


For more information, please contact CWU Press Officer Marcus Barnett at mbarnett@cwu.org or 07812590450.