Poor Pay Offer May See VMO2 Strike Disruption

Wednesday 27th April 2022

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) may soon face mass disruption after its workers have threatened strike action over an “appalling” pay offer.

Delegates at the Bournemouth annual conference of the Communication Workers Union – the union for VMO2 workers – have endorsed the actions of VMO2 members, who have rejected two pay increases of 3% (effective 1st April 2022) and 2% (effective 1st April 2023) by 95.7% in a consultative ballot.

In the context of RPI rising by 9% already this year, this would represent a serious real terms pay cut for VMO2 workers.

This is despite VMO2 being a highly successful company, reporting a total transaction adjusted revenue of £10.38 billion for the 2021 financial year.

The union looks now set to move to reach a settlement through “all means necessary”, including potential industrial action.

CWU National Officer Tracey Fussey said: “The cost-of-living crisis has hit VMO2 members like it has hit other workers.

“And this union will not sit idly by as our members are handed an appalling pay deal that sees their living standards go backwards.

“This is a company with a very large public investment strategy, that makes billions in revenue yearly – management can afford to treat its workers with the respect they deserve, they are just choosing not to. 

“This situation is unprecedented, but VM02 workers will not stand by and be insulted.”