The CWU strongly condemns BT’s announced intention to outsource its facilities services division, contractors CBRE and ISS in a five year deal,  posing huge risks to the job security, terms & conditions of more than 1,700 CWU represented employees.


The CWU reacted furiously to this  announcement, Deputy General Secretary Andy Kerr said: “We understand that the decision to outsource Facilities Services has been taken at Board level, and we are deeply outraged at the effect this will have on our members job security and terms and conditions and that a dangerous precedent is in the process of being set.”


“If things genuinely have gone full circle, and we’re witnessing a business mantra of outsourcing and casting aside any non-core activity, this would represent a profound and deeply unwelcome shift in Board-level thinking.”


“Either way, the CWU will not sit back and watch our members’ jobs and livelihoods being sold off.”


Assistant Secretary, Sally Bridge, added: “We believe that hundreds of jobs are being put at risk and our members’ job security and t&cs are under significant threat.  This move by BT not only puts at risk the livelihood of our members but threatens the reputation of the BT brand. It is a heartless, callous decision made to save money and cut costs, without any responsibility or consequence to the people it effects.”


“The CWU has therefore informed BT that we will be campaigning vigorously against the outsourcing of Facilities Services.”


For further enquiries contact Liam Young on 020 8971 7267 or 07732 649309