Croydon postal workers ‘praying’ for Kelly’s baby

Union Matters

Croydon & Sutton Amal Branch secretary Angela Whitter said today of everybody’s “desperate hopes and prayers” that the baby of slain postwoman Kelly Mary Fauvrelle will survive.

Ms Fauvrelle, brutally killed at the weekend at her home in Thornton Heath, Croydon, had been eight months pregnant and, although emergency medics had tragically been unable to save her, they did manage to deliver her baby – who has been in intensive care in critical condition.

“Kelly had previously survived a cervical cancer scare and had been told by doctors that she would be unable to have a baby,” said Angela.

“So she was absolutely over the moon when she became pregnant and was always smiling and happy at work.”

Because of her condition, Kelly had recently been working in the callers’ office, the branch secretary added, saying that “people were always complementing her on her growing ‘bump’ and she was so looking forward to her baby’s arrival.

“Everyone at Croydon Delivery Office is totally devastated by this and we’re all desperately hoping and praying that Kelly’s baby will survive.”

CWU area delivery rep Ally McCleod said that it was “truly shocking what’s happened,” adding that “Royal Mail is providing trained counsellors over the next couple of weeks for any members of staff who need help or just feel the need to talk.”

Yesterday, CWU general secretary Dave Ward sent out a letter to branches expressing the union’s shock and distress at the killing of Ms Fauvrelle and pledging to do everything possible to help Kelly’s family, including the setting up of an appeal fund in conjunction with the Croydon & Sutton Amal Branch.