Retired Members

The CWU now has just under 18,000 retired members. The advisory committee objectives are to promote the interests of all retired members and to campaign on matters that are relevant such as Pensions, Healthcare and Mobility.

The policy of the committee is to encourage every CWU Branch to establish a Retired Members Section. If you are retiring soon you can retain your CWU membership at a greatly reduced subscription rate.

Contact your local Branch Secretary for details, the phone number is on your CWU membership card.The Committee continues to build links with the National Pensioners Convention – the campaigning body with regions throughout the United Kingdom.

Tony Kearns, Senior Deputy General Secretary is the officer responsible for the committee. Tony can be contacted at

If you have recently retired and would like to retain your membership with the CWU, you can do so at a discounted rate whilst still making use of the excellent benefits. Simply click on the relevant application form below, save it to your computer or print it out and send it back to us once you’ve completed it to the address below or email If you have any trouble completing the form please give us a call on freephone 0800 731 7434.

Retired member application form (for members who apply to continue their CWU membership within 26 weeks of retirement. Includes access to the death benefit)

(PDF version)

Retired associate member application form (for members who apply to continue their CWU membership after 26 weeks of retiring. Membership fees are lower but membership does not allow access to the death benefit)

(PDF version)

Once completed post your application form back to us for free (no stamp required):

CWU Organising Department,
London, SW19 1RX

View The Link our magazine for CWU retired members.