Equal Opportunities & Training


Regular, portable, accredited training for all employees that enhances career prospects and allows for clear, accessible career pathways 
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Skills, training and career structures to support meaningful career progression


Priority to retain and retrain existing staff in new technologies or products


Assurance that requirements for staff with disability are dealt with above the legal minimum


The ability to take a career break


Visible policies, training and monitoring to ensure that issues on race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity or any form of discrimination that should arise in the workplace, are effectively tackled


Q  What policies and procedures should an employer have?

A  For employers with five or more employees, they are legally required to have written policies on

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Discipline/dismissal and grievance (this must be in writing)
  • Equality and diversity
  • Health and Safety (if you have more than five employees; in writing)
  • Maternity / paternity / adoption
  • Pay
  • Redundancy
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol
  • Whistleblowing / protected disclosure
  • Working time and time off
  • Data Protection Act 2018 (1998) and General Data Protection Resolution 2018