Energy Price Comparison Service

Union Energy, owned by the TUC, has been relaunched as an energy price comparison service to help you and your family and friends find the cheapest energy supplier in your area.

Not only could you make instant savings by using this free service, but if you register for Union Energy’s Ongoing Monitoring Programme, you will benefit from cheaper energy prices for the long term. Ongoing Monitoring allows you to set your own savings parameters, for example £50, £75 or £100 per year, and as soon as prices in the industry change, and you can save the amount you have specified, Union Energy will re-contact you to let you know.

Unlike most other energy price comparison sites, Union Energy offers a 100% impartial service and includes tariffs for every energy company active in the UK market for maximum choice. Customers therefore have all options available to them, be it standard gas and electricity paid by direct debit, single fuels, green energy, capped rate products, etc. supplied by smaller niche energy companies as well as ‘the big six’.

Union Energy’s service is completely free and average savings to date are £154 per annum, with some customers saving as much as £585 per year*! Please visit or call 0800 094 9039 (Monday to Thursday 9am – 6pm, Friday 9am – 4pm Saturday 9am – 1pm) and in a couple of minutes you will find out how much you could save.