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CWU Live

Live updates from the CWU: Coronavirus and other important CWU issues

The CWU kicks off September with an exciting announcement… This month, the CWU can announce that it is launching a new national branch for technology and digital sector workers. Programmers, graphic designers, game developers, specialist product teams, testers and more, from small start-ups to tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are joining the […] READ MORE

Updated 3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago 14:07

Follow The Union Day!

As part of TUC Heart Unions week, we have badged today as ‘Follow the Union Day’.

With Covid restrictions making mass in person meetings impossible, it is vital we find new ways to reach members.

We have used social media extremely effectively in recent times to help in campaigns, industrial and consultative ballot wins and to reach every corner of our great union.

If you are on social media then please follow all of our various channels below. Your support matters.

Coronavirus,Royal Mail

4 weeks ago 13:48

Save Kiddycare Nursery in Mount Pleasant Mail Centre from closure

We are asking Royal Mail in North London to reverse their plans to close down a nursery that looks after the children of posties.

We urge senior management at Mount Pleasant Mail Centre on Farringdon Road to reverse the planned closure of its Kiddycare Nurseries branch in March 2021.

Royal Mail intend to close down Kiddycare, which has looked after the children of posties for 22 years, despite long-term discussions with workers’ representatives over its future.

Currently, 23 children are signed on at the nursery, which has stayed open during the pandemic to look after the children of key workers.

Due to many workers self-isolating and working from home, the nursery numbers throughout 2020 were far lower than usual, but Kiddycare has kept their places open without charge, and are receiving a flurry of enquiries over children returning after lockdown ends.

Why is this important?

Without the nursery, many posties, especially women, would not be able to work. The nursery has been a vital support to many in its 22-year history, enabling local people to take jobs at Mount Pleasant. Protecting Kiddycare Nursery also protects jobs for local people.

How it will be delivered

We will collect petitions in person and online and deliver them to Royal Mail in early 2021.

Sign petition here


Royal Mail

1 month ago 15:43

Royal Mail – Pathway To Change Agreement – 91.5% YES

91.5% YES

Thank you for your support!

View ballot result and next steps with DGSP Terry Pullinger below:

Royal Mail

1 month ago 09:53

Royal Mail Agreement – Members Ballot Result & Statement

The Royal Mail Group (Pathway to Change) Agreement ballot closes today. We will bring you the result live at 3pm with DGSP Terry Pullinger. 

Terry will let you know the ballot result and make a statement on the next steps.

LIVE at 3pm on Facebook / Twitter / Youtube

Royal Mail

1 month ago 16:21

Justice For Postmasters – The Horizon Inquiry

Are you a postmaster who encountered difficulties with the Horizon accounting system?

If so, then the Inquiry currently getting under way under retired Judge Sir Wyn Williams is your opportunity to have your say.

CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey told this morning: “Sir Wyn’s team are now in the opening stages of gathering evidence and they’ve been in contact with us, asking us to publicise the ways that postmasters can make their views known.

Find out more on how to participate in the Inquiry here