Women’s Conference

Traditionally the CWU Women’s Conference has yielded the biggest attendance of all the equality conferences. Our push in making proportionality a priority for the CWU has seen a positive effect on the attendance at all of these and every branch should aim to meaningfully engage in these important structures.

The Women’s Advisory Committee, led by Jean Sharrocks and Vicki Turner, has again had a busy year and I would like to place on record my thanks to all the committee for their hard work.

I have said previously that I would like to see more women involved in the Union. We are proud to see both the President and Vice President positions continue to be held by women but we all recognise that we need to do more to encourage and help women become active and hold office in the union. I hope to hear more from you about how we can do this at this year’s Conference.

A big part of our strategy in tackling the barriers women face is the mentoring programme that has been organised by our Education Department. This will see an unprecedented number of women and BAME reps receive facilities in order that they can be mentored in various union roles. Our aspiration is that this will act as a catalyst and ultimately make the CWU more representative of our membership.

I hope that you find the Conference rewarding and enjoyable – and that it inspires you to get more involved and take a greater interest in the work of the union. I am looking forward to meet you all.

-Dave Ward

Womens Agenda Pad 2017

21st November 2017

Venue: Bristol City Hall

For more information please contact Linda Roy

182.17 – WAC Committee Minutes of 12.10.17

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