The Future of the Post Office

CWU is campaigning for a successful post office network which brings a range of quality services to communities across the UK. We represent members in Crown Post Offices as well as postmasters, workers in support functions and across Royal Mail Group who come into contact with the post office network daily.


The Post Office faces an uncertain future. In 2012, following the Postal Services Act, it was separated from Royal Mail – the only major state postal operator to divorce its retail arm from its mails operation. A 10 year inter-business contract was brought in after CWU lobbying to ensure that Royal Mail continues to use the post office network, securing key business for the next decade.CWU is a founder member of the Post Bank Coalition, a group made up of the Federation of Small Businesses, Countryside Alliance, New Economics Foundation, Unite, and others.

We have been campaigning for a state-owned bank to be established in the Post Office to cater for the needs of vulnerable consumers, businesses and rural communities. Access to trusted banking is at the core of the campaign.Current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken supportively of this concept several times over the past couple of years and the Post Bank idea is starting to rise up the political agenda. For further information, please read the below article from the November 2017 edition of CWU members’ magazine Voice and then click the link to read the Cass Business School’s detailed business case for Post Bank.

























CASS Report 1

CASS Report 2