The Four Pillars of Security

The Four Pillars of Security Campaign represents four key aims of the CWU – a decent wage in retirement, a shorter working week, a redesign of the company’s pipeline and the extension of current agreements.

In the face of some serious challenges, the union’s Four Pillars of Security Campaign aims to deliver a long-term settlement with Royal Mail based on a coherent and purposeful national strategy backed by the union’s industrial strength.

“Achieving our aims will not be easy, as our policies are a direct challenge to the current conventional wisdom in the world of work. But it’s good that we have a robust policy position – thoroughly debated and agreed within the CWU. We’re unified and we all know what direction we want to move in and that is very powerful.” – Terry Pullinger DGSP

Pensions – Frequently Asked Questions


Latest Video Update from Terry Pullinger, Deputy General Secretary (Postal):


Hilary Salt, Actuarial delivering a pension presentation:

Davie Robertson, National Offier RE: Parcelforce: