Save Our Post Office


…is the CWU’s fight to save our nation’s cherished Post Office network, which has been recently launched by the union in response to the bombshell announcement that 74 Crown offices are to be franchised (privatised) to high-street retailer WH Smith – a move which will impact some 800 jobs and drastically cut services to communities.

Our union is fighting back, with a range of high-profile local and national campaign activities being planned over the next couple of months – particularly in the run-up to Christmas.

We’ve created dedicated campaign website – – which has all the essential facts, aims and demands and also features a quick and easy ‘write to your MP’ guide.

From the main page of the site, simply click to find your own MP and then click again for a model letter to her or him – or write to the Government Minister responsible for the Post Office, Greg Clarke, urging him to stop the wrecking of our Post Office.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward says: “At a time when the government is claiming to be on the side of workers, it is an outrage that it is allowing well rewarded jobs to go from a public service, handing them straight to a second-rate employer like WHSmith – recently rated as the worst retailer on the high street who will undoubtedly provide a significantly inferior service.”

And he’s asking all CWU members to “please visit the campaign site, write to your MP and watch out for upcoming Save Our Post Office activities in your local area.”


Can you help? Here’s what you can do…

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your address
  3. Your MP’s name will appear
  4. Write your message
  5. Share with colleagues, friends, family etc
  6. Thank you

Dave Ward says:

“Together, united, we can stop this attack and save this cherished Great British institution.”

December 1st protests are planned for Aberdeen, Crawley, Nottingham, Chester, Basingstoke, York, and Bristol – with further events in other localities being discussed and organised as well.

Thank you for joining in on the Day of Action -December 1st 2018

“Come and get involved in the big nationwide Campaign Day to Save Our Post Office,” is today’s message from our general secretary Dave Ward.

Since the launch event last Thursday, enthusiasm is growing around the country, with protests, petitioning and lobbying gathering pace – and Dave is urging reps to “please remember to take these petitions around your unit.

“We’ve got around 190,000 members of this union, so between now and the Big Day, let’s get as many of our own people signed up as we possibly can,” he urges.

“And while you’re asking people to sign, please flag up the nearest December 1st event to them and boost the attendance on the day.”

Saturday December 1st will see protests in cities and towns in every region of the UK, in our defiant response to Post Office bosses’ announcement of the ‘franchising’ of 74 Crown offices to retailer WH Smith, impacting on some 7-800 jobs – marking a change in their strategy from managed decline to terminal decline.

“And that’s what we’re facing unless we can force a change of direction,” says our general secretary, who is also pushing forward the union’s vision for a positive future for our post office network – as the real hubs of our communities.

Campaign packs will be sent out to branches and reps within the next few days and all workplace reps are being asked to take the Save Our Post Office petition around their respective units, while in locations where under-threat Crowns are located in high streets and city or town centres, it is being suggested that local shops could be asked to display our campaign posters.

December 1st Campaign Day activities are already being planned in the four capitals of the UK – London, activists will focus on several under-threat Crowns, particularly the high-profile Trafalgar Square office, while city-centre actions are also to take place Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh.

And on-the-day protests are also planned for Aberdeen, Crawley, Nottingham, Chester, Basingstoke, York, and Bristol – with further events in other localities being discussed and organised as well.

Andy Furey, CWU assistant secretary, thanked regions who have organised events and adds that, “when Labour comes to power, they will re-merge the Post Office and Royal Mail in public ownership – but we have to make sure that there is a Post Office and so this campaign has to succeed.

“Let’s be upbeat,” he urges, adding: “It’s a struggle and it’s tough, but this union’s never rolled over in the past and we ‘ain’t gonna roll over now.”

CWU head of comms Chris Webb, who is helping to co-ordinate the activities, says:

  • Please get in touch with us and let us know what you’re planning in your region – the more news and updates we get from the regions, the more we can publicise your event and encourage others to get involved.
  • Please keep checking on this site – it’s been set up specifically for this campaign and we’re updating it as regularly as we can.
  • Thanks for the great enthusiasm, the positive ideas and the determination from all of you so far
  • Lets all work together to make Action Day December 1sthappen.”