Removal of Merseygateway toll

The Mersey Gateway opens at Midnight 13 October 2017, registration has opened allowing non-Halton residents to register for access at a slightly discounted rate of 10%.

During the construction of the new bridge, those who have commuted through the disruption of traffic and road upheaval have done so with a great understanding despite the stress on the infrastructure to access a route to the workplace. They will now be expected to pay a financial toll to cross this bridge even after years of disruption to their daily life. The price tag of a 30-year loan of £600,000,000 million results in a £2.1 Billion repayment albatross around the necks of residents, and those living and working in and around the North-West region, whose social mobility will no doubt be impacted. Small and large business will feel the strain of these charges that are imposed and may not be able to afford to align employees pay to assist resulting in movement of work or employees leaving the borough of Halton.

We understand this toll will not only have financial implications to our Communication Workers Union (CWU) members, but also to their friends, families who live and work within the areas aforementioned. We are therefore calling on the Government to reconsider the implementation of the toll charges, but to do that we also need the support of the public in this campaign. Find and sign our Campaign on CHANGE.ORG CWU Removal of Merseygateway toll within the Northwest area