Telefonica UK

 Sally Bridge

The Officer with responsibility for Telefonica O2 UK is Sally Bridge, Assistant secretary.

Sally's PA is Linda Massey, her contact details are: Tel: 0208 971 7311 or

Sally is supported by a National Team and elected officials as follows:

Zoe Walmsley, Chair - Leeds - 07551154479
Hannah Price: Preston Brook - - 0771 210 2449
Angie Prangell (O2 Retail/Stores): 0775 230 7000 Paul Davies - Slough - - 07703 660 101

O2 is a leading provider of mobile communications services as well as a leading mobile internet portal. All its businesses are branded O2. Additionally, the company has operations on the Isle of Man (Manx Telecom), - an advanced digital emergency communications service.

The Union's membership in O2 encompasses a range of engineering, technical, call centre, clerical, admin and retail skills.

The Lead Officer for all issues is Sally Bridge in the Telecoms Department


O² Recruitment Campaign

This is what a CWU member looks like…


The CWU has embarked on a national recruitment exercise in the O² call centres and O² stores.


As part of the CWU’s recruitment campaign we have been to visit CWU members working for O².  Here is what they have to say about the importance of being a CWU member:



Recruitment has also been ongoing in the O² call centres at Preston Brook and Leeds.  Here are a selection of pictures taken:






Briefings 2017

Briefing 09.2017 Telefonica UK Pension Plan - Trustee Elections – Support Arvind Ladwa 19.05.17

Briefing 08.2017 Telefonica Pay Review 2017 - Result of Ballot 17.03.17

Briefing 07.2017 - Telefonica Pay Meetings - Final Offer 21.02.17

Briefing 06.2017 - Telefonica Pay Review 2017  Ballot Timetable and Consultative Exercise 20.02.17

Briefing 05.2017 - Telefonica Pay Review 2017 - Final Offer 16.02.17

Briefing 04.2017 Telefonica  - Roles at Risk - Consultation 07.02.17

Briefing 03.2017 Telefonica Pay Review 2017  - CWU Claim 17.01.2017

Briefing  02. 2017 Reorganisation in Telefonica - Roles at Risk

Briefing 01/2017 Reorganisation in Telefonica – Roles at Risk


Briefings 2016

Briefing 15.2016 Accoustic Shock

Briefing 13.2016 TUPE Transfer of Telefonica Tesco Mobile Employees to Capita – Agreed Terms of Transfer 01.08.16

Briefing 12.2016 Telefonica NewGrid & Bank Holiday Agreements 27.07.16

Briefing 11.2016 Telefonica Tesco Mobile - Announcement to Transfer to Capita  01.07.16

Briefing 08.2016 Telefonica - Re-Contract – Preston Brook 25.04.16

Briefing 10/2016 Telefonica Tesco Mobile - Announcement to Transfer to Capita

Briefing 09.2016 Telefonica Academy  17.05.16

Briefing 07.2016 Telefonica Pay Review 2016 Result of Ballot 21.03.16

Briefing 06.2016 Telefonica Academy  03.03.16

Briefing 05.2016 Telefonica Pay Review 2016 - Ballot Timetable and Consultative Exercise  01.03.16

Briefing 04.2016 Telefonica  Pay Review 2016 - Final Offer 01.03.16

Briefing 03/2016 O2 Members Working in the Stores - CWU Survey

Briefing 02/2016 Telefonica Pay review 2016 - Discussions Continue

Briefing 01/2016 Telefonica Pay Review 2016 - Discussions Open

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