Manpower UK Ltd (BT contract)

Manpower is an employment agency that provides resource to BT particularly, BT Consumer, BT Business and BT Wholesale.

Manpower is one of the largest employment agencies in the world and is made up of a multi-million pounds business with nearly 3500 offices in 80 countries and territories worldwide and they currently are a major outsource resource provider for BT. 

The CWU has a partnership agreement with Manpower and represents Manpower employees on Terms & Conditions of employment. 

They are also currently campaigning for Manpower roles to be converted to BT contracts.

The Officer with responsibility for Manpower UK Ltd (BT Contract) is Sally Bridge, Assistant Secretary, supported by Tracey Fussey.

Sally’s PA is Linda Massey, her contact details are 0208 971 7311 or



Briefing 07.2017 - Manpower   Motion 83 19.07.17

Briefing 05.2017 - Manpower Pay Increase - Employees with Equal Treatment  31.05.17

Briefing 04.2017 - Manpower - Motion 83

Briefing 03.2017 - Pay Increase for Manpower Members Working in VVS 09.03.17

Briefing 02.2017 Manpower Pay 06.02.17

Briefing 01.2017 - Manpower Employee Survey


Briefing 10.2016 Manpower - Extension of Short Term Contracts in Consumer

Briefing 06.2016 Manpower - Conference Motion 59 - Return to Work Meetings 24.05.16

Briefing 04.2016 Manpower - Manpower Pay Review Update

Briefing 03.2016 Manpower - BT Consumer Attendance Transformation 10.03.16

Briefing 09.2016 Manpower - Attendance Arrangement for Christmas and New Year Period - BT DQ and OS

Briefing 08.2016 Manpower - O&DS Blackburn- Manpower Employees 03.08.16

Briefing 07/2016 Manpower - New Short Term Contracts – South Shields, Warrington, Canterbury & Doncaster

Briefing 05.2016: 16 May 2016 Manpower - Holiday Pay Arrangements - Holiday Uplift Payments (HUP)

Briefing no. 02: 26th February 2016 - Manpower - BT Consumer Attendance Transformation

Briefing no. 01: 15th February 2016 - Manpower - BT Consumer Attendance Transformation 

LTB 810/11 Agency Regulations - Manpower Leaflet - 23 September 2011
LTB 800/11 Agency Regulations - Q&A to BT and Manpower - 22 September 2011
LTB 786.2011 - Implementation of Agency Regulations - BT Account
- 16 September 2011

A personal letter from the CWU to all Manpower members

BT Retail Attendance Transformation Attendance Programme

Please find attached the agreed processes for Manpower employees on the BT Contract relating to Probation, Performance, Attendance and Conduct.
LTB 381/09 - Manpower Lifecycle Management 2009 - 30th April 2009 (Please note, you will need to be logged in as a member to access this).

The CWU signed a revised Recognition Agreement in July 2002 as well as a facilities and procedural agreement with Manpower.


- Manpower - Provision of Facilities
- Manpower Handbook
- Formal Disagreement Procedure between Manpower and the CWU  

  • See also the Manpower Agreement page on the CWU site here

The main priorities for the CWU National Agency Team for Manpower UK Ltd are as follows:  

  • To strengthen bargaining and play a more pro-active role on securing a pay increase.
  • A pro-active campaign to recruit and increase membership where all Manpower people are employed.
  • Training of workplace representatives in order to establish a network of Manpower representatives.
  • Ensure the Recognition Agreement is operating effectively.
  • Ensure the national facilities agreement is implemented.

Any queries to be addressed to Sally Bridge, Assistant Secretary,

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