The CWU bargains for managerial grades in hibu on "Newgrid" terms and conditions, and also has members on other contracts.

The CWU National Officer for hibu is Nigel Cotgrove. Nigel is supported by his PA Suzanna Deacons who can be contacted on 0208 971 7289 or sdeacons@cwu.org

Hibu logo hibu provides small and medium-sized enterprises a broad range of online marketing services and websites including yell.com. hibu also offers a range of print and distribution-based marketing services. hibu markets its services in the UK, US, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Peru, and has operations in India and the Philippines.

hibu's HQ is based in Reading, Berkshire and has operations around the UK.

hibu was previously known as Yell was sold by BT initially to Apax Hicks & Partners in 2001.

Any queries on hibu issues should be addressed to hibu@cwu.org

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