Carphone Warehouse

Do you work for Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy or GeekSquad? Then CWU is the trade union for you! If you need support at work and don't know where to turn for help then we're here for you. We also offer exclusive benefits for members and you'll be part of a growing family in the communications industry.

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Our members

We represent staff in call centres, logistics and warehousing, retail shops, offices and mobile engineers. Our members include customer services advisors, business sales staff, office staff, network engineers and other specialists; retail staff, IT support and credit controllers.

We share experiences from the mobile industry across the UK and use our experience to make workplaces safer and drive up standards. We campaign on issues affecting the mobile industry and take your issues and opinions to management, industry leaders and politicians.

Problems at work

Our experienced reps can give you independent advice when it comes to performance management, targets and pay banding discrepancies. We can help members through outsourcing and redundancy procedures as well as helping you if you experience inconsistent management style, bullying or harassment at work.

As a member, we can represent you in grievances and disciplinaries and help you with PIPs - performance improvement plans. As an independent union voice we're not tied into employee consultative forums and we don't tow the management line. We're here for you.

Our strength is in our members. The stronger your union, the stronger your voice. 
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