National Agency Team

 Sally BridgeThe Officer responsible for Agency issues at national level is Sally Bridge CWU Assistant Secretary. Sally has overall responsibility for all terms and conditions of employment on a cross constituency basis for all Agency members working within BT.

Sally's PA is Linda Massey, her contact details are:
Tel: 0208 971 7311 or

Sally is supported by the national team of elected officials as follows:

  • Tracey Fussey (T&FSE)
  • Stephen Albon (T&FSE)

Closing the loopholes for agency workers

Born out of the CWU's long-running 'Euro-trashed' campaign, seeking equal treatment for agency workers, 'Closing the loopholes for agency workers' is the campaign to expose and ultimately close clever loopholes currently being used by employers to deny a new generation of agency workers hard won rights to equal treatment.

Visit the campaign page for more information, a handy Q&A and to see what colleagues affected by the 'Pay Between Assignment' (PBA) contracts are saying.

Agency Regulations

For information on the implementation of agency regulations and the implementation of the EU's Temporary Agency Workers Directive in UK law in 2011.

11LTB1021- Agency Workers Regulations - Applying Equal Treatment

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