Accenture HR Services

The leading negotiating officer is Dave Jukes, Assistant Secretary.

Personal Assistant : Marcia Lewis
Telephone: 020 8971 7248

This employer was a Joint Venture whose parent companies were BT and Accenture. In April 2002, this company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture. The origin for the creation of this unit was borne out of the need to reduce the provision of costs in Personnel and Pension administration support to BT, and in doing so, to offer the first class and professional services provided by CWU members to other major employers, such as the City of Copenhagen, Telecom Italia, Caja Madrid, Transportation, Security Administration and Border Chemicals.


Following the introduction of Newgrid in the Company, the Union and the employer were faced with the challenging task of resolving the widespread and differing terms and conditions. This was satisfactorily achieved and accepted in a ballot of the members in the Career Model and Salary Matrix ballots of 2003. A ground-breaking first for the Union was the recognition to conduct an Equal Pay Audit.

Another ground-breaking first for the Union was a formal recognition agreement extending recognition beyond that conferred by TUPE.

Both parties have worked constructively to secure the potential long term future of AHRS in the HR outsourcing arena.

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