Building Tomorrow Together

 Building Tomorrow Together

Building Tomorrow Together is a Telecoms & Financial Services organising initiative intended to increase union membership, reverse the decline of union activism and strengthen our representative structures.

The project sees branches, executive members and organisers teaming up to put recruitment and organising at the heart of everything we do.

One of the challenges we face is encouraging greater proportionality so that our members are representative of wider society, and our activists are more representative of our membership. We have started to address this issue by focusing on recruiting more young members and women members and encouraging them to become active in the union.

 Getting Young Members Active This is a priority focus area as we strive to involve more members in union activity and build our membership base to create a stronger union for the future.

Please see the links below for BTT reports and tools for planning and managing organising projects.

For further information or enquiries on Building Tomorrow Together please contact Nicola  WOmens booklet Marshall on 0208 971 7393 or email

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