Together We Make A Difference - Agreement between BT Retail and CWU

This agreement between BT Retail and the CWU recognises that in order to make a difference we need to promote and embed the values and behaviours required from all BTR people.

The key to this is ensuring Managers engender excellent operational leadership at all levels of management across BT Retail with a clear focus on nurturing talent; creating a motivational and supportive work environment and treating people with respect and consistency.

It is recognised that to raise the level of performance in BT Retail consideration needs to be given to the approach and the behaviours required in managing this change in order to ensure fairness and consistency throughout BT Retail.

It is acknowledged that performance management hasn‟t always operated in this manner and as such a culture change is required which recognises and develops talents, which is supportive and caring and creates a positive work place; one where managers lead by example and individuals are valued for their contribution and supported to be the best they can be.

It is our joint intention to continue to work together to understand where there are concerns and how we can address them to our mutual satisfaction. It is only through ongoing engagement conducted in an inclusive framework that we can achieve our joint objectives.

BT Retail and the CWU reaffirm our commitment to continue to reinforce the messages within the programme, promote the required behaviours and to positively adopt "together we will make a difference "throughout BT Retail.

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Together We Make A Difference

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