Recognition Agreement with Client Logic

Client Logic



  • ClientLogic (UK) Limited ("ClientLogic") and the Communication Workers Union ("CWU") are committed to a partnership that will deliver the success of the enterprise and a win/win for the associates and ClientLogic.
  • This statement reflects the aims and values of ClientLogic and the CWU. ClientLogic and the CWU share the common objective of ensuring excellent workplace relations in order to deliver the best quality service to the customers and clients, and the best possible terms and conditions for ClientLogic's associates.
  • Both parties are especially mindful that ClientLogic conducts its business within a highly competitive sector, and will need to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market in both a flexible and cost effective manner.
  • The CWU is fully committed to the success of ClientLogic, and will work with ClientLogic to ensure that it continues to grow its operations within the United Kingdom.
  • The CWU accepts the need to maintain strict commercial confidentiality at all times, as an integral part of any discussions which may take place on Clientlogic's strategic business plan
  • For its part, ClientLogic commits itself to ensuring that CWU representations on staff interests are fully considered and taken into account. ClientLogic is committed to being an employer of choice, and will work with the CWU to achieve first class working conditions.


  • It is agreed between ClientLogic and the CWU that the CWU will be the sole organisation recognised by ClientLogic in the UK for the purposes of individual and collective representation of non-management staff employed by ClientLogic. ClientLogic will not discourage associates from joining the CWU.
  • In all matters concerning the ClientLogic service and business planning/strategy, the CWU recognises and respects the requirement for commercial confidentiality and agrees to sign a non-disclosure agreement acceptable to ClientLogic.
  • In the case of new employees, the Company will allow the local staff CWU representative to meet them on request. CWU contributions will be deducted from salaries by arrangement with the CWU.
  • ClientLogic will afford facilities to employees who become CWU representatives to enable them to further the partnership approach between the CWU and ClientLogic and deal effectively with localised issues. The CWU will organise the election, training and development of local representatives from amongst the ClientLogic membership ("Representative") who will be supported, where appropriate, by National Officials and members of the CWU Executive.
  • Both ClientLogic and the CWU place a high value on the training of CWU Representatives. As an employer of choice, and in line with ClientLogic values, ClientLogic shall therefore, from time to time, allow site Representatives and members pre-authorised paid time off to attend CWU education and training courses. Additionally, ClientLogic and the CWU shall plan, develop and deliver a joint training programme which will ensure that site Representatives will have a thorough understanding of the procedures and services of the ClientLogic and the CWU, as well as relevant external issues such as employment law, equal opportunities, health and safety etc.


  • The parties recognise that the needs and requirements of ClientLogic's customers will constantly evolve and become more sophisticated. It is therefore agreed that ClientLogic and CWU will work jointly to ensure that ClientLogic shall successfully meet these changing requirements as well as adapting quickly and easily to technological change.
  • The CWU is committed to a positive attitude to change, and regular joint dialogue regarding ClientLogic's business development plans will take place.
  • The CWU will negotiate with ClientLogic on all contractual terms and conditions of service, including pay and pensions matters, hours of attendance, attendance arrangements, related employment issues, job security and technological change, and health and safety.
  • In reaching this agreement, both parties agree that excellent industrial and human relations are necessary for the provision of excellent service to ClientLogic's customers.
  • The CWU recognises that while ClientLogic will seek ways to increase UK based business, market conditions may require ClientLogic to consider providing services from other countries.

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