NewGrid Agreement

NewGrid NewGRID is the pay and grading structure for BT non-management grades. When introduced in 2000, it represented a major overhaul of all BT's grades and terms and conditions. NewGRID replaced a grading structure which dated back over 40 years, and which was made up of different grades and terms and conditions for different occupational groups such as Engineering and Technical, Clerical and Operators.

NewGRID introduced a single integrated grading structure and harmonised the terms and conditions for all non- management grades in BT. Over 100 grades moved onto 4 SkillBands with 8 salary ranges.

NewGRID was the subject of discussions between BT and the CWU from 1996 onwards. In June 2000, BT put forward its final proposals to the CWU which, after a conference in August and a members' ballot in September, accepted the proposals.

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