Collective Agreements for Openreach

Collective Agreement on High Level Principles and Consultative Arrangements for Resourcing


This document forms the collective agreement between Openreach and the CWU and is aligned with the Openreach business objectives and resourcing principles agreed with the CWU and sets out the criteria for the use of non permanent resource in the context of the Openreach strategic approach to resourcing and established consultative processes. Whilst Openreach's primary consideration is the effective deployment of our existing direct labour, use of third parties is an important part of our resourcing strategy to enable us to flexibly meet our customer and commercial needs.

Within this context the stated view of Openreach and the CWU is to optimise the deployment of direct labour (be they on permanent, short term or fixed term contracts). However, both Openreach and the CWU accept the principle of, and need for, a flexible workforce to meet the challenging demands of the dynamic and fiercely competitive market in which Openreach operates, including the use of alternative resource streams in accordance with the principles set out in this policy. Equally, Openreach and CWU are committed to following the consultative arrangements outlined in this document.

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