Telecoms & Financial Services

Andy Kerr

Hello and welcome to the CWU's Telecoms and Financial Services (T&FS) pages of the website. My name is Andy Kerr, and I am the Deputy General Secretary (T&FS) - in other words, the senior Union Officer with responsibility for the CWU's industrial work in the Telecommunications, call centre, IT and financial sectors.

The CWU (T&FS) has members and bargaining rights in more than 40 different companies. For further information about our work with your particular employer, please click on the relevant links to the right of this page.

In a number of other companies, such as Everything Everywhere, Cable & Wireless, COLT, MCI, TSC and Vodafone, we are seeking to establish a CWU presence, so as to be able to pass on the benefits of CWU membership to the employees of these (and many other) companies. For more information about our activities in these firms, please click on the relevant link in the navigation.


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