Stop the War: The People's Assembly

Over 1500 delegates, meeting in Central Halls Westminster, yesterday called for a campaign of civil disobedience and direct action to halt Tony Blair's war plans.

Delegates came from around the country and represented a broad cross section of British society. Peace groups; community organisations; pensioners groups; students from universities; colleges and schools; and religious groups all attended.

The Assembly unanimously agreed a 'declaration for peace' to reflect the views of the majority of the people of Britain. The declaration pointed out that the case for war has not been made and that any military action would be illegal.

The Assembly gave a standing ovation to the large number of school students who attended.
Students came from Queensbridge School in Birmingham; Camden School for Girls; Pimlico School; Eton College and the Mark Rutherford School in Bedford. Lara Weerasirie from Mark Rutherford School said ' most of our school came out in protest against the war last Wednesday and we will do the same if the war starts.'

Billy Hayes Trade Union leaders Bob Crow from the RMT and our own General Secretary Billy Hayes promised to support any of their members who take action against the war. Crow said 'we should be talking about non-violent demos- if it means sitting on on streets or occupying factories, so be it.'

The People's Assembly called on Tony Blair to resign.

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