Workplace organisers

Workplace organisers

Organising in the Postal Industry

Our aim is not only to raise the membership in the postal constituency, but increase activity and build up sustainable CWU structure's in all workplaces.

Following the carriage of Motion 60 at the 2012 Postal Industry Conference we are committed to building up membership in all of the business where we have recognition with the employer. Recruitment of new members is the responsibility of all branches and representatives of the CWU. The Field Organisers role is to assist in organising the activity.

Meeting the Challenge

It is vital that the CWU reclaim its own independent structure in all workplaces. The intention is that we encourage and assist branches to form workplace committees in all workplaces. These committees will sit outside of any industrial framework and will be there to assist the industrial representatives. The committees will focus on gathering opinion in the workplace, organising and recruitment, and supporting and assisting the representative where needed. If you are interested in getting involved contact your branch or the Field Organiser for your branch.


Find out more about a recent workshop aimed at increasing member participation and bringing new people into the union. Read: Help your union to help you - get involved.

UK Mail

As the postal sector in the UK continues to grow, then so must the CWU. We offer membership to any postal worker regardless of which company they work for. Our major campaign at the moment is focused around UK Mail. UK Mail workers are joining the CWU in order to secure safer and transparent, working conditions and procedures.

Project 20 - click here for more information on Project 20 

Anyone who is interested in becoming more active in the CWU should contact their local branch or the field organiser assigned to their branch. Alternatively you can contact:

Lynn Browne, Senior Organiser Postal Department on 07753776364

Below is a photo of each team member along with details of the branches and geographical area they are responsible for, along with the relevant contact details:


Neil Singh


  • Mount Pleasant
  • London 7
  • London Parcels and Stations
  • Northern/North West London
  • East London Postal
  • West London Postal
  • South East London Postal and Counters
  • London South West
  • London Regional MT
  • London Phoenix Branch

South West (and Channel Islands)

Michelle Daykin

07872 816 747

  • estern Counties
  • Plymouth and East Cornwall Amal
  • Bournemouth and Dorset Amal
  • Wessex South Central
  • Bristol and District Amal
  • Gloucestershire Amal
  • South West No 7
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • Worcester and Hereford
  • Cornwall Amal
  • Swindon Supplies          

Michelle Daykin

Northern Ireland

Kerry Fleck

07872 815 968

  • Northern Ireland Combined
  • Northern Ireland East
  • Northern Ireland West

South East

Kerry Fleck

07872 815 968

  • Southdowns Amal
  • Portsmouth and District
  • South East No 3
  • Kent Invicta
  • South East No 5
  • Kingston Area
  • Harrow and District
  • South and East Thames Amal
  • Croydon and Sutton Amal
  • South West Middlesex Amal      

Kerry Fleck

Essex/Anglia/Home Counties

Paul Malyan

07711 368 546

  • Essex Amal
  • Colchester and District Amal
  • Eastern No 3
  • Eastern No 4
  • Eastern No 5
  • Eastern No 6
  • Suffolk Amal
  • South Central Postal
  • Romford Amal
Paul Malyan


Steve Brown

07912 555783

  • Glasgow and District
  • Scotland No 2
  • Grampian and Shetland
  • Scotland No 5
  • Clyde Valley Amal
  • Orkney
  • Highland Amal
  • Scotland MT

North East (Tyne/Tees/Wear)

Steve Brown 07912 555783

Newcastle Amal
Darlington Amal
Cleveland Amal
Durham Amal
North East Costal Amal

North East (Yorks/Humberside)
Alan Smith 07894 461710

  • Doncaster and District
  • South Yorkshire and District Amal
  • Bradford and District Amal
  • Leeds No 1
  • York and District Amal
  • Hull and E

Alan Smith 07894 461710

  • Birmingham and District Amal
  • Leicestershire
  • Wolverhampton and District Amal
  • Derbyshire Amal
  • Midland No 7
  • Nottingham and District Amal
  • South Midlands Postal
  • East Midlands MT
  • East Ridings Amal
Alan Smith

North West (and Isle of Man)
Elaine Taylor 07872 816 746

  • Merseyside Amal
  • Isle of Man
  • Cheshire No1
  • North West Central Amal
  • Greater Manchester Amal
  • North West No 1
  • East Lancs Amal
  • North Lancs and Cumbria

Elaine Taylor 07822 816746                                    

  • North Wales and the Marches
  • Shropshire and Mid Wales
  • South East Wales Amal
  • South West Wales Amal
  • Gwent Amal
Elaine Taylor


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