Case studies

Have a read about some of the cases the Rowland Hill Fund has been able to assist with: 

"John and Valerie were seeking financial assistance with the levelling of a concrete area outside their back door up to the back gate. This had become very uneven over the 52 years of living there and John had fallen several times. John was medically retired from Royal Mail in 1986; he had his bladder removed some time before however this led to recurrent infections and other health issues; he attends dialysis three times a week. His mobility is poor and he uses two walking sticks and also a mobility scooter to get around. They were unable to pay for the levelling and concreting of the back garden and the Fund contributed £500."

"Patricia contacted the Fund on behalf of her husband Raymond who has been taken into hospital with a chest infection. Patricia asked for help towards a shortfall in a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) for bathroom modifications. Raymond was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and he also has Spondilitis, cataracts and in the last year had an operation to insert stents when he was diagnosed with an embolism in his groin. His mobility is limited; he becomes breathless easily and is no longer able to bathe as he is unable to get in/out of the bath. Local council and an Occupational Therapist assessment recommended a wet room and they had no means of getting the funds together. The Fund donated £2,250 to Bathroom adaptations.

"Malcolm found himself in arrears with his rent due to ongoing ill health; he had a stroke and is unable to work. With the rise in domestic bills and the need to keep warm, he found himself unable to pay his rent and this was causing him much stress. The Fund were delighted to help pay off his arrears of £1,500."

Beneficiaries have said:


"Picking up the phone and having to ask for help was the hardest thing."

"Admitting that life had got so bad that I needed to ring a charity for help. I've always sorted out my own problems before, but I am so glad I did!"

"Before your help I was close to suicide. Now I am able to be part of life again rather than being stuck in 4 walls, you gave me back my life!"

"I could not sleep or eat, was a pure misery with my family and friends. I can now sleep at night and do not dread being put out of my home."

The Fund also offers financial help through our Handyperson Scheme to current and retired employees over 60 and disabled people of all ages who are on limited income. We help pay for the materials and the cost of the handyperson to complete basic household and maintenance tasks and minor home adaptations. He applicant will need to source the handyperson, get a cost for the job and call HELP. 

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