Vehicle Services

Members in Network are represented by Davie Robertson, assistant secretary who is supported at CWU HQ by his Acting Policy Advisor, Diane Wyatt, and secretary Sue Hayman. Davie is also assisted by Katrina Quirke and Joe Malone from the Postal Executive.

The Network business unit is responsible for the transportation and distribution of mail/packets for both Royal Mail Letters and Parcelforce Worldwide.

The department also represents those members working in Regional Distribution Centres, Rail & Air Hubs, Walk Bundling Centres, Swindon Warehousing and Branch Direct.

Pay and terms and condition for the employees within the aforementioned Network business units currently fall under the umbrella of the Royal Mail Group and as such pay and terms and conditions are negotiated nationally and fall in line with increases received by other employees of Royal Mail Group.

As in all cases, your local CWU Branch or Workplace Representative should be your first port of call, as they are in a much better position to deal with local issues. If you need to contact Headquarters, please contact Diane Wyatt at on 0208 971 7322 or Sue Hayman at on 0208 971 7317

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