Members in Capita are looked after by Andy Furey, Assistant Secretary and is supported by policy advisor Lorna Pearson.

Capita won the contract to deal with BBC TV Licensing, and as a result, the union's members, formerly employed by the Post Office, were TUPE'd over to the company. The C&CH Department negotiates separately from other postal group members the pay, terms and conditions of Capita members TUPE'd over. Since 2005, we have had recognition and gained bargaining rights for those employees who are on Capita contracts.

The two main sites are based in Bristol and Darwen, Lancashire. And we also represent the company's field workers.

As in all cases, your local CWU branch or workplace representative should be your first port of call, as they are in a much better position to deal with local issues. Find your local rep on our branch directory.

If you need to contact headquarters, please contact Lea Sheridan on or 0208 971 7361.

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