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The Postal department campaigns to support the 134,000 members the CWU represents across Royal Mail Group and other business units as well as UK Mail.

**Latest**: Postal workers vote 4:1 for strike action, 16th October 2013

Voice special edition: Update on your pay, work place issues, privatisation, competition & the boycott

Headed by Dave Ward, CWU Deputy General Secretary for postal, the main objectives include dealing with the effects of the Postal Services Act and Royal Mail anti-privatisation as well as securing decent pay, terms and conditions for our members, maintaining the universal service, and protecting the post office network.

Scroll down for more on current issues affecting the workforce to keep you fully informed as the industry modernises and changes.

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Read about current issues in the postal sector and what CWU is doing:

Bullying & harassment

Individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at work. Harassment is any conduct or behaviour which is unwanted, unwelcome, offensive and unreciprocated. If you feel you are being bullied or harassed we are here to help. Find out more and get in touch >here<

Door-to-door direct mail

In 2010, "door-to-door" work moved into normal workload and the payments system changed. Your CWU national officers strongly supported this change, and this was overwhelmingly endorsed by you in a full members' ballot. Click here to read more about why the old system had to change and why the new system is better for all...