Women of the world unite

Today, women across the world have been joining together in a wide range of activities and events to mark International Women's Day.

The event has been taking place for over a century and marks the struggles of women workers to win equality, fair pay and conditions at work and highlight the abuses faced by women everyday all over the world. It was granted official recognition in 1977, when the UN General Assembly voted to proclaim March 8th as the UN Day for Women's Rights and today it is a public holiday in 37 countries.

Linda Roy
CWU national equality officer Linda Roy said: "CWU has always had a proud record of supporting International Women's Day as we recognise the struggles that our sisters have had dating back many generations. From the times of the Suffragette movement to the Chain-makers of Cradley Heath and beyond, women have always played a pivotal role in the labour movement. CWU Women will be engaging in many activities today around the country and if anyone was thinking of joining in I can assure that you will not be disappointed".

Send your photos and reports of your Women's Day events to info@cwu.org.

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