Whitstable People’s Convoy

Local campaigners in Kent are taking to the streets once again tomorrow in their latest bid to save their town's delivery office from closure.

The dispute centres on controversial plans to close Whitstable Delivery Office and relocate its functions to Canterbury, forcing some 50 postwomen and postmen to undertake a 16-mile round trip before they start delivering mail to their town.

Local businesses and residents, who would also have to make the same trip to pick up any undelivered items, have joined forces with the workers to oppose the relocation and together, townsfolk have mounted a determined campaign - including a protest march and a 5,000-strong petition - to try to persuade Royal Mail to think again.

Tomorrow's protest will see people come together to form the 'Whitstable People's Convoy' and travel to Canterbury and back, aiming to prove that the closure plan is, in their words, "unreasonable and unfair."

Protest organiser, and delivery office CWU rep, Chris Stone said: "We're meeting up at 2.30pm tomorrow and driving in convoy to Canterbury Delivery Office and back, with our campaign leaflets in our vehicle windows."

"We'll calculate how much fuel, time, mileage - and stress - it takes to do this journey and park!" he added.

If you'd like to get involved why not print the "sorry you are out of order" leaflet and put it in your car window or meet at Gorrell Tank car park at 2.30pm tomorrow, Tuesday 5th February.

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