Urgent: Industrial action ballot - CWU final messages

An urgent message from Dave Ward and Billy Hayes urging members to vote YES in the Royal Mail industrial action ballot which closes on Wednesday 16th October.

Dear colleague,

All CWU Branches and Representatives must continue to do everything possible to deliver an overwhelming yes vote.

Please ensure that all local reps are in receipt of this communication and that the attached leaflet is distributed in all workplaces.

There will be no agreement without a YES vote
CWU representatives should also hold a final series of local meetings to convey the key messages set out in the leaflet.

Please engage known CWU supporters and ask them to talk to their workplace colleagues about making sure they use their vote.

The Government announcement means the process for privatisation will conclude on the 15th of October. You must impress upon our members that privatisation simply reinforces the need for a long term legally binding agreement to protect CWU members' jobs, terms and conditions.

Without a yes vote there will be no agreement.

We cannot afford to let up - keep pushing until the last day of the ballot - what you do in the workplace will be the decisive factor.

Immediately following the ballot result we will write to CWU members explaining our next steps.

Download the vote YES poster and stick it up on your workplace union notice board for wider publicity.

Keep up the good work up.

Dave Ward Billy Hayes
Deputy general secretary (Postal) General secretary

For more information visit Royal Mail strike ballot: Vote YES.

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