Royal Mail strike ballot opens

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CWU postal members in Royal Mail and Parcelforce will receive ballot papers from today (Friday) as the Royal Mail national industrial action ballot gets underway. The strike ballot follows a consultative ballot held earlier in the year which saw postal workers staunchly support the CWU's position on pay, pensions and workplace issues.

The CWU formally served notice of the intention to ballot for strike action last Friday (20 September). The ballot opens today and will close on Wednesday 16 October with the result announced on the same day. If a yes vote is returned the earliest strike action could take place would be 23 October.

Watch CWU deputy general secretary, Dave Ward explain why a YES vote in this ballot is crucial.

"We're encouraging all members to vote YES in this crucial ballot which could be the last chance for our postal workers to have a say in the terms and conditions of their working life if the Government's plans to privatise Royal Mail go ahead," said Dave.

"Although this ballot is more about pay, pensions, job security and workplace issues, the threat of privatisation has had a destabilising impact on all issues and postal workers are rightly concerned about their future. This is why we're seeking a legally-binding agreement on protections for jobs, terms and conditions - regardless of who owns the company," he explained.

The CWU is seeking a legally-binding agreement which covers:

Legal Protections

Regardless of who owns the company, postal workers need protections for their terms and conditions. The union is determined to achieve a ground-breaking agreement that provides legally binding protections for terms and conditions for the foreseeable future and ensures any changes are negotiated with CWU.

Pay and conditions

CWU has already rejected a below-inflation pay offer for 2013 which was linked to accepting major pension changes and a no strike deal. CWU is demanding a straightforward, above inflation, no-strings pay deal which 99% of workers voted for in a ballot in June.


Royal Mail has created more concern for its staff by announcing new problems with its pension scheme. Despite the government taking control of the assets in 2012 to pave the way for privatisation, the company wants to use remaining assets to reduce its own contributions. The company completed a formal consultation in August and the union is calling for an agreed process to protect members' benefits.

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