O2 off-shoring criticised by CWU

Around 200 O2 call centre jobs are set to be off-shored to South Africa following a decision by outsource company Capita. The move has been criticised by CWU and the union is alarmed by this change in policy by the company.

Capita announced last week that it will open a new contact centre in Cape Town, South Africa this autumn which will be handling front line O2 work currently already outsourced to Capita in the Dearne Valley, Yorkshire.

Sally Bridge
Commenting on the decision, CWU assistant secretary Sally Bridge said: "We view the decision to off-shore up to 200 full-time equivalent jobs by Telefónica O2 to Cape Town as a significant shift in current policy by the UK board.

"At a time when other telecom and IT companies are bringing work back from abroad due to the negative impact on company brand this is not a direction that we believe the company should be taking. This move will do little to instil any confidence amongst our members.

"Also, at a time when unemployment is high in the UK, it does not demonstrate that the company is playing its part in assisting with the economic and unemployment problems in the UK."

CWU does not agree or support any off-shoring of frontline work. The union has formally written to the company making our opposition clear.

If you have any questions contact details of your local representative can be found along with all O2 Newsletters on the Telefónica O2 pages of the website.

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