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CWU has described information in today's Telegraph newspaper which alleges Capita plans to close two o2 call centres, slash customer service jobs by more than half and offshore work, as "a bombshell for staff".

The newspaper says it has seen documents from outsource company Capita detailing plans to close o2's Bury and Glasgow call centres which combined employ over 1,200 people. It also reports plans to reduce jobs at Dearne Valley from over 2,000 to just 750 and to slash 145 jobs from Leeds. It is claimed that Capita intends to send work offshore by expanding its centres in Cape Town and Mumbai.

Sally Bridge
Learning of the news, CWU national official Sally Bridge said: "If this is true we're shocked by the duplicity of o2 and Capita. We've were sat down with both of them for hours yesterday (Wednesday) seeking assurances over job security and the future of sites and they seemed quite positive."

Sally explains that trust was a theme explicitly discussed. "We talked about building a solid relationship built on trust. We also talked about bringing new work into these centres to guarantee their future. If the information in the Telegraph is true then we and o2 staff have been lied to and it's the worst possible start you can imagine."

Last week it was announced that o2 will outsource four call centres - in Bury, Glasgow, Leeds and Preston Brook (near Warrington) - to outsource giant Capita. CWU is opposed to the outsourcing plans and has been seeking assurances over terms and conditions, job security and the future of these sites.

"Staff are already concerned about their job security and o2 is sending very senior managers out to call centres to reassure them that they have a future and that Capita is a decent company" said Sally. "If the documents the Telegraph has seen are right then these are lies and o2 staff won't be able to trust either company.

"This information will be a bombshell to o2 employees. Instead of building careers at a positive brand they will be thrown away while their work leaves UK shores. What a shocking secretive business plan."

CWU is today writing to Telefonica o2 and Capita to seek clarity on this latest speculation over the future of o2 jobs in the UK.

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