Isle of Man members win backdated rise

Isle of Man Post Office
Postal workers on the Isle of Man saw their end of February pay packets boosted by 11 months worth of back pay of a pay rise touching 2 per cent, after they voted to accept a deal negotiated by the CWU.

Terry Pullinger, the union's national official for Isle of Man Post Office employees, negotiated the agreement, which raised basic pay by 1.95 per cent for all members and covers the period from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.

In the three-choice ballot, 76 per cent of Manx postal workers supported "Option A", which focused the pay settlement purely on basic pay, while 18 per cent opted for an alternative package that divided the "pay rise pot" between basic pay, allowances, shift and overtime premiums, and the remaining minority did not back either offer.

Terry Pullinger
"Thanks to our members of the Island for taking part in the ballot and giving us a clear mandate," said Terry, who added: "And also thanks to members for their patience in what has been a delayed agreement, public sector pay freezes and government austerity measures have made pay negotiations very difficult over the past few years but we persevere in our efforts to maintain as best we can our members standard of living.

"Now we need to focus on seeking to reach a prompt settlement for the next pay period, which runs from April 2013."

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