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CWU on Virgin Media takeover

6th February 2013


Commenting on news of the takeover of Virgin Media by Liberty Global today (Wednesday) the Communication Workers Union urges the new owners to return independent trade union recognition to the staff and to bring a positive working environment to the company.

Andy Kerr, CWU deputy general secretary, said: "Staff at Virgin Media have had quite a bit of upheaval in recent months and we urge management at Virgin Media - old and new - to keep the interests of staff and the effect that this takeover news will have at the forefront of their minds.


"We'd like the new owners to return independent trade union recognition to their employees, which was taken away in a dubious fashion towards the end of last year. We hope that union derecognition had nothing to do with this sale, although the timing does appear unfortunate.

"It would be useful if Virgin Media would put at ease any fears of redundancies, which can sometimes arise when takeovers occur. The UK telecoms sector remains fiercely competitive, but Virgin Media is clearly a successful company and there should be no call for job losses.

"CWU would like to have a positive relationship with the new owners of Virgin Media and we'll be writing to Liberty Global with the intention of establishing a constructive dialogue."

CWU represents staff working in engineering, call centre and support roles at Virgin Media.

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