Clarity needed over o2 call centre work, says CWU

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An emergency motion was heard in CWU's telecoms conference this morning which instructed the Telecoms Executive to oppose any outsourcing of call centre jobs by all means possible.

There were several speakers - from not only o2 branches but also other parts of the telecoms industry - expressing their outrage at a story in the Sun which claimed the company was considering outsourcing call centre work.

CWU o2 reps gave feedback from members and spoke about the anxiety and worry that this story has caused our members back in o2 call centres since it broke this morning.

Emergency motion E8 in full:

"E8 Conference notes the article in today's Sun newspaper which reports that hundreds of call centre workers are set to be outsourced by O2 under plans currently being considered.

"Whilst the CWU understands that this is a company that is transforming itself for the future, to take advantage of new technologies and in order to provide new services, any transformation plans need to take into consideration the CWU members that are affected and they need to be at the very heart of any decisions made.

"The CWU therefore instructs the Telecom and Financial Services Executive to oppose any move by O2 to outsource the majority of call centre work as it is not in the interests of the members we represent. To oppose by all means possible up to and including industrial action."

The story in the Sun newspaper claims: "bosses are mulling over an option to hand another huge chunk of their customer call centre work to Capita." However, the story goes on to say: "no final decision has been made by o2".

Sally Bridge
CWU national official Sally Bridge said: "While there has been speculation and rumour for some time now about changes within o2, reports like this will undoubtedly be alarming to people working in o2 call centres. We need clarity to avoid further damaging and distressing rumours.

"We are seeking an urgent meeting with the company in light of today's media reports. We can reassure members that as far as the CWU is concerned, we will strongly defend any attack to directly-employed jobs in o2."

CWU's annual conference is taking place in Bournemouth this week.

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