Breakthrough in O2 pay discussions

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Hopes are rising that the CWU will soon be able to recommend a pay deal to members in O2 after significant movement was made by the company towards the union's pay claim at a meeting on Wednesday this week.

The breakthrough came in the third round of talks between CWU and company negotiators since negotiations began in January.

Sally Bridge
CWU assistant secretary Sally Bridge explains: "The CWU has been concentrating on securing a pay increase which covers all general population grades, which is fully consolidated and which recognises the contribution that our members have made during the last year.

"The negotiations so far have been difficult but I am pleased to report that significant progress was made at our meeting on Wednesday. As things stand the union's national negotiating team believes that O2 has tabled an offer that will form the basis of an acceptable recommendation to our members.

"The detail of that final offer will be sent in writing to the CWU and is expected over the next day or so. Subject to the agreement of the CWU National Team I am hoping to be able to provide a comprehensive report and recommendation by early next week."

For more information contact your local CWU rep or visit O2 Pay Briefings 2013.

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