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Across Europe the crisis is theirs, the solution is ours

14th November 2012

0 Across Europe the crisis is theirs, the solution is ours

CWU leaders have sent a message of support and solidarity to their continental counterparts in their day of action against cuts and austerity today.

Two weeks ago, 150,000 trade unionists marched through London, and thousands more rallied in Belfast and Glasgow, demanding a change of course from the UK Government.

And today, workers in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other nations will be delivering exactly the same message to their political leaders: "No to cuts, unemployment and austerity - we demand investment, jobs and growth."

And at the European Union's 'capital city' of Brussels, trade union delegations from all over Europe have protested at the European Commission's offices, leaving the continent's leaders in no doubt at all that the peoples of Europe reject their "bankers first" economic and political stance.


CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: "Today, we in the UK send our full support and solidarity to our sisters and brothers in every nation of Europe.

"The peoples of the EU stand united as never before in this common struggle of ours to transform the Europe of the bankers into a Europe for the people."

John Baldwin, the union's head of international affairs, who has attended the Brussels rally on behalf of the CWU, pointed to the increasing unity of purpose among the working people of Europe to continue to push for fundamental reform.


"From Belfast to Barcelona, from Glasgow to Gdansk and from London to Lisbon, there is a growing determination that the European social model must take precedence over the neo-liberal European model - which has clearly failed," he explained.

Read the letter of solidarity from UNI Global, signed by Billy Hayes.

Show your support by tweeting @Europeanstrike using the #europeanstrike and #N14.