BT engineer claims for tinnitus and deafness

CWU Legal Services is encouraging any BT engineers who suffer from tinnitus and deafness and who have used oscillators and amplifier tone sets supplied by BT to contact the union. It appears that many BT engineers have been negligently exposed to high noise whilst using this equipment and may be eligible for compensation.

Compensation claims tend to be successful where the engineer used the green or a combination of the green and yellow tone sets, whereas BT dispute liability where the engineer used only the yellow or blue sets. If you have used the green and/or yellow and/or blue tone sets and now suffer from tinnitus or are hard of hearing you may well be entitled to claim compensation. The average award is in the region of £7,000.but can be significantly higher in certain cases.

A number of these claims are currently being litigated in the Cardiff County Court and the Court has asked the solicitors concerned to consider whether a Group Litigation Order would be appropriate.

If a Group Litigation Order is imposed there would be a cut off date for registering new claims. CWU is therefore encouraging any members who are potentially affected to register a claim via the freephone CWU helpline: 0800 8046674 (lines open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm. One of our solicitors will contact you within 48 hours).

Tony Rupa,
Head of CWU Legal Services, said: "It is important that you register a claim today so that we can ensure that your claim is dealt with now and within any time limits that may be set by the Court.

"If you have any questions about your eligibility to make a claim, please contact the helpline directly and one of our advisers will help you."

CWU Legal Services Scheme is a benefit of membership and you are entitled to free legal help if you or a member of your family has suffered injury due to someone else's fault, whether the accident happened in or out of work.

Legal services helpline: 0800 8046674 Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm.

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