‘We want the union’, say Virgin Media members

Members across Virgin Media's Access division have delivered the starkest possible message that they want union recognition back, with 98 per cent voting to pursue statutory recognition.

In the clearest signal yet of workforce anger at the company's arbitrary and unprovoked move to derecognise all trade unions at the company - of which the CWU is by far the largest - members have voted by an overwhelming margin to commit the CWU to support them in their campaign to reinstate union negotiating rights.

Further challenging the already dubious result of Virgin Media's self-proclaimed pre-Christmas staff 'referendum', in which a wafer-thin majority allegedly voted to deny themselves the right to be represented by a trade union, the result of the union's own consultative ballot indicates mounting workforce dismay at Virgin Media's anti-union stance.

With more than three quarters of CWU members in the Access Division registering a vote, an unprecedented 98 per cent of members decided that they wanted the union to assist them in the pursuit of recognition using the statutory recognition process.

John East
CWU national official for Virgin Media, John East, said: "Members that we balloted have made it abundantly clear that they want the CWU to be recognised by their employer. Given the clarity of this pro-recognition ballot result, the CWU will work with our Virgin members on how best to set about achieving what members clearly want.

"We are expecting the company to place every obstacle in the way of members wanting recognition. They will use every conceivable tactic to delay both our ability to enter the formal CAC process, and then use the CAC timetable to string matters out, all the time using union busting tactics within the workplace to try to turn members and non-members alike against the union. Nevertheless, along with our branches, our activists and our members, this is a campaign that we can win. 2013 should be an interesting year in Virgin Media."

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