'Stubborn' bosses spark Bristol strike vote

CWU members at Royal Mail's South East Delivery Office have voted by over 80 per cent to take strike action amid allegations of bullying and harassment by managers, who stand accused of breaking national agreements and procedures .

In an industrial action ballot, which was authorised a fortnight ago after local union negotiators' attempts to resolve the issues were foiled by "stubborn" company chiefs, 81 per cent of postwomen and postmen voted in favour of action.

Explaining the background to the dispute, local branch secretary Dave Wilshire explained that the problems had arisen following the implementation of a delivery revision last year.

Bristol industrial action

"The revision hasn't worked from Day One, but management have stubbornly refused to carry out a proper review," he explained, adding that, according to the current national agreement, a post-implementation review has to be carried out as Phase Six of the revision process.

"People have got rounds they just can't complete within their time and we're getting daily complaints from members alleging bullying and harassment," Dave pointed out.

Under current legislation, after an industrial action ballot has returned a majority for action, this action must be taken within four weeks, which means that, unless the company moves to resolve the issue, Christmas postal services could be affected.

Commenting on the poll, Dave urged company chiefs to "stop burying your heads in the sand and work with us to resolve these problems.

"Don't let your stubbornness spoil Bristol's Christmas," he urged bosses.

Bob Gibson
CWU national officer for delivery workers Bob Gibson said: "Royal Mail really need to start sorting out problems like these, which do seem to be occurring more and more in various parts of the country.

"We are doing everything we can to ensure that service standards to the public are maintained and improved where possible going forward - but this is not helped when managers arbitrarily make changes and do not comply with national agreements" he added.

"And they only make things worse when they blame our members, hard-working postwomen and postmen for the problems, instead of sitting down with our CWU representative to sort things out properly."

Are you a Royal Mail delivery worker experiencing "revision" problems at work? If so, please contact outdoorsecretary@cwu.org and let the union know.

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