Knowledge is power. Moustache is king.

Are you a seasoned 'mo grower' or does this November mark your first foray into the 'mo-bro' hood? Whatever your moustache preference it is time to get growing as this year Royal Mail has pledged to match every penny raised by employees taking part in the fund-raising initiative that is Movember.

Formerly the month of November, Movember has become a fund-raising phenomenon which sees men all over the world donate their upper lip for the entire month in a bid to raise funds and awareness of men's cancers. With the aim to change the face of men's health, Movember puts a fun twist on a serious issue.

Paul Moffat
Last year's efforts saw seven members across the CWU's executive councils, dubbed the 'MoBro7', raise £6,000 and a total of some £20,000 over the last four 'Movembers'. Sporting a fetching David Niven/Terry Thomas 'cad' look last year, CWU Eastern regional secretary, Paul Moffat said: "We'll be trying to recruit more people to our 'Movember movement' this year - and I'm hoping to see some of the managers joining up as well. We've got a big target to reach and through this and various other initiatives, let's all try our best to achieve it."

How will your 'tache' fair in a game of 'tache of the titans'? Or will you receive this year's top accolade and be crowned the 'Royal Male'? Look out for the exciting competitions when they launch on myroyalmail.

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Movember is not just open to hairy men. Women working for Royal Mail can also support the cause by becoming a 'Mo Sister' and fundraising on behalf of a Mo Bro who isn't employed by the company. Or simply by donating to the fundraising efforts of the colleague you think is sporting the best tache!

CWU news: Who will be crowned this year's Royal Male?

Charity of the year

 Prostate cancer uk
Back in June 2012 Royal and CWU asked the workforce to vote for their charity of the year (CWU and Royal Mail boost for men's health charity). Prostate Cancer UK topped the poll as your charity of choice. As proud partner of Movember, Prostate Cancer UK is the UK's leading charity working with men affected by prostate cancer and their families. Royal Mail and CWU aim to raise at least £2 million for the charity matching every penny raised by the workforce, up to £1 million.

For simple steps to get you started on your Movember fundraising mission visit myroyalmail. It is quick and easy to sign up and take part and don't forget, penny for penny, pound for pound, Royal Mail will match your fundraising efforts!

Some facts and figures:

Movember 1
Anti-cancer campaigners point out that, as well as raising funds for vital research that can improve the medical fight back, simply raising awareness can have a significant impact as early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment vastly improves survival and recovery chances.

  • The average life expectancy for men in the UK is four years less than women
  • More than 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
  • Prostate, colon, lung and breast cancers account for over half of the cancer diagnosis in the UK
  • Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK. Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer ever year and there are 250,000 men currently living with the disease
  • 1 in 9 men in the UK are likely to face prostate cancer in their lifetime. This is comparable to the 1 in 9 women that are estimated to get breast cancer
  • 2,209 men in the UK were diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009
  • 47% of testicular cancer cases occur in men under 35 years and over 90% occur in men under 55 years
  • 1 in 4 British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year
  • Since 1996, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK has increased from 1.4 million to 2.9 million
  • 42% of men were classified as overweight in 2010 (in England) compared to 32% women
  • Obese men are 5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and 3 times more likely to develop cancer of the colon
  • In Great Britain, 31% drink more alcohol than the advised weekly limit of 21 units.

For more facts, figures and potentially life-saving information visit Know your prostate. .

Find out more at myroyalmail and the official Movember UK website.

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