10 May 2017


The CWU will be writing to all members in the coming weeks, setting out the reasons why we believe this is one of the most important General Elections in history. Before we get to that point though, it is vital we all secure our right to vote. Bad governments are elected by good people not voting. 


Whether you are a young worker with the right to vote for the first time or someone switched off by the world of politics, it has never been more important for you to engage with politics and cast your vote on June 8th. 


To vote you must have registered by midnight on May 22nd. It is a very simple process – simply click this link https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote?gclid=CNuhnY-P5dMCFWG-7QodNvUJ1w


Do not let other people decide your future – register to vote today.



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