31 March 2017

Capita/ O2 pay up

More than 1,000 Capita/O2 partnership employees in Preston Brook, Bury and Leeds are to receive an across the board 2 per cent pay rise, backdated to January 1.

Following tough negotiations with the outsourcer, Capita’s ‘final offer’ - which is fully consolidated and flows through to allowances and increments - was put out to ballot earlier this month, receiving the backing of a large majority of those who voted.

Assistant secretary Brendan O’Brien explains: “These have been difficult discussions that have taken place against a context of rising inflation - though it is important to note that the January due date means that the relevant comparator was the November inflation data, published in December, which had RPI at 2.2 per cent and CPI at 1.2 per cent.

“While the company’s final offer of 2 per cent is shy of the relevant RPI figure, it is substantially above the CPI measure of inflation for the relevant month - and a substantial improvement on Capita’s earlier offer of 1.75 per cent which had been summarily rejected by the CWU.”

Brendan points out that the 2 per cent deal is substantially better than that being offered in unrecognised parts of Capita - with employees on the O2 contract at the Dearne Valley site in South Yorkshire only getting the 1 per cent rise that Capita is paying across all of its other contracts.

“Sadly we’ve been unable to negotiate on behalf of our fast-growing membership in Dearne Valley, because it falls outside the scope of the recognition agreement that gives us collective bargaining rights in Preston Brook, Bury and Leeds,” Brendan explains.

“That’s why it’s imperative that we continue to grow membership in Dearne Valley with the ultimate aim of extending our current recognition agreement.”


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