20 March 2017

Post Office workers – your views still count

CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey has launched a union-organised opinion poll of Post Office workers' views, in response to company chiefs' controversial decision to cancel the regular Your Views Count and Pulse surveys. 
Andy has sharply criticised the business for the cancellations and has warned them that they cannot ignore workers’ views.
“Seemingly, the Post Office anticipated that the views of our members would be negative, as morale across the whole of the Post Office is undoubtedly at an all-time low due to the incessant attacks on the Crown Office Network, jobs and pensions,” said Andy.
“But, given that members have not had their say since early 2016, we believe now is the right time to run an independent survey and, as a consequence, we have engaged the services of Popularis, the independent scrutineer to conduct a survey of all members working for the Post Office.”
The survey – which has been fully endorsed by the union’s industrial executive – consists of eight key questions surrounding job security, pay and the future of the Post Office. 
  • Do you support a vote of No Confidence in the leadership of Paula Vennells, Chief Executive and the Post Office Board?
  • Do you support union policy in protecting jobs, opposing Crown Office franchising, no outsourcing of the Supply Chain operation as well as improving the Pension scheme for all members?
  • Do you feel you have job security?
  • Do you feel fairly rewarded by your overall pay, pension and benefits package for the job you do?
  • Do you support the Post Office’s strategy of managed decline?
  • Do you feel the Post Office values your opinion and respects you?
  • Are you happy working for the Post Office?
  • Do you feel the Post Office cares about its customers?

“We intend to use the results of the survey to support negotiations such as the pay talks which are due to commence shortly,” Andy continued.

“The questions went out at the end of last week and the survey lasts until the end of March – so please get your responses in as quickly as possible and let’s show the company that Post Office workers’ views still count.”

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